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Prepaid Water Meter Systems

Water Meters

Prepaid Water Meter Systems

Quality water meter systems are required to measure the dispensation of water in both domestic and communal environments. Pre-paid water meter systems are an innovative way to manage the payment, customer credit and subsequent dispensation of water to the consumer or end-user.

Using Prepaid Water Meters

PVC Pipeline Services supply complete pre-paid water meter systems that adhere to the highest quality standards. The typical customer journey that is followed when making use of the pre-paid water meter system is as follows:

  • Customer purchases water credit

  • A secure encrypted token allows the customer to access water in various quantities

  • The monthly consumption is monitored by a multi-tier step tariff system

  • The customer is charged using the applicable tariff

  • A monthly customer consumption profile is generated

  • All information is loaded back onto the secure encrypted token

  • The management system can then determine effective water management for the customer

  • This management system then helps determine the credit amount required

Check your Water Usage

The water meter system comes with an LCD display that gives the customer more detail relating to remaining credit, the amount of water dispensed, as well as the current tariff levels and rate.

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