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Plastic Domestic Water Meters

Water Meters

Plastic Domestic Water Meters

Domestic water meters are implemented and used to measure the flow of water passing from a mains pipe into domestic residences. When it comes to domestic water meters, PVC Pipeline Services offers both brass water meters and plastic water meters. Each has its own features and benefits.

Advantages of Plastic Domestic Water Meters

The advantages of using plastic water meters for domestic volumetric applications include:

  • Optimum accuracy and performance

  • Improved durability (specifically for 15mm and 20mm)

  • Tamperproof in construction

  • Leak-proof in construction

  • Easy to read

  • Pulse output available

  • Performance to ISO 4064 Class C

  • Maximum working temperature of 50 C

  • Maximum working pressure of 10 bar (16 bar on 15mm size)

We supply a full range of water meters at PVC Pipeline Services , and we can also guide you in the most effective installation for your requirements.

Product Variations

We supply the V110 volumetric plastic water meter, which is manufactured using a co-polymer resin. This is generally preferred for more aggressive water flow or where dezincification properties exist. The plastic water meters we supply come in sizes ranging from 15mm. Flow through these water meters ranges from 15l/h to 7m³/h.

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