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Bulk Water Meters

Water Meters

Bulk Water Meters

Large bulk flows of water in commercial or industrial applications are easily measured using Woltmann-type Honeywell water meters. They are used for comprehensive distribution system monitoring where large volumes are measured.

Advantages of Bulk Mechanical Meters

The general advantages of using mechanical water meters include:

  • Multiple pulsed output

  • Extended low and high flow performance

  • Capabilities for both forward and reverse flow meter measurement

  • Forward flow installations: ISO 4064 Class B specificationFor horizontal, vertical and inclined position

  • Reverse flow installations: ISO 4064 Class B specification for sizes up to 150mm

  • Robust shroud and copper

  • Long life and readability

  • In-line strainer protects the rotor

  • Maximum working temperature of 50ºC

  • Maximum working pressure of 16 bar

Within the range of mechanical water meters, there are variations suited to different applications. We recommend the H4000 for applications where there are extensive variations in flow rate. We supply a full range of water meters at PVC Pipelines Services, and we can also guide you in the most effective installation for your requirements.

Product Variations

Mechanical water meters are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40mm to 300mm, with the capacity to manage flow rates of between 0.35m³/h and 2000m³/h.

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