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Air Release Valve

Air release valves are widely used and have a unique purpose that prevents operational issues in your water network. When air collects in your liquid piping systems, it can cause problems if not released effectively. The air release valves have been cleverly designed to do exactly that using a three-part system.

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are most commonly known as shut-off valves and they are very simple, yet intelligent, in the way that they’re made. It can be opened and closed very quickly and easily, with a simple quarter-turn to complete either action.

Control Valves

Water loss is a crime against the environment, and it can be avoided by making use of the proper equipment to safeguard your water reticulation solution. PVC Pipeline Serives supply control valves of the highest quality, which assist in reducing water loss by making your water supply network more efficient.

Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valves have their place for use as isolating valves. They are specifically suited for harsh environments such as slurries, wastewater systems, systems with heavy oils and other viscous fluids. They can also maintain their operational quality with abrasive and corrosive materials, which makes them quite hardy and durable.

Non-return Valves

Non-return check valves serve an important service in water supply and reticulation networks. They are installed in pipelines to prevent water flowing backwards and to ensure that water only follows in one direction

Resilient Seated Gate Valves

Resilient seated gate valves have multiple applications. Their application can be trimmed down into two focus areas of service: fully-open and fully-closed. They can be used both below and above ground and are installed specifically as isolating valves. The valve is operated by turning clockwise or anti-clockwise to open or close. The gate moves upwards or downwards according to the valve operation.

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