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Steel Pipes


Steel Pipes

Water pipes are an essential component of water distribution networks. They are made from a number of different materials, including steel. Steel water pipes come in varying diameters and have the primary purpose of transporting drinking water from the source or from a treatment centre to consumers.

Advantages of Use

Steel water pipes come in two variants: they can be welded together easily to enhance any water supply network, or they can come in seamless lengths. They have multiple advantages:

  • Due to their immense strength and durability, steel water pipes can be placed underneath buildings and underground

  • They might be more expensive than other water pipes such as HDPE or PVC pipes, but they are the most durable

  • They come in longer lengths and can withstand immense amounts of pressure

  • They incur lower costs when it comes to installation as well as transportation

Suitable Uses

They can be used as housing for electrical wires, or for transporting gas in cities or towns.

The diameters usually varying according to where the steel pipes are situated in the water supply network. Larger pipes of up to 1200mm in diameter are usually found in the mains that supply entire towns with smaller branch lines feeding from these. Pipes on the other end of the spectrum at 15mm are used to feed into buildings and individual outlets within homes and businesses.

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