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Manhole Accessories

Manholes and Jointing Material

Manhole Accessories

All manhole accessories need to be fully compliant with SABS standards by law. This is why PVC Pipeline Services is here to ensure they meet the proper requirements.

Types of Accessories

Galvanised Step Irons

Manhole chambers are constructed to a variety of different sizes and can be very deep. We supply step irons, which are built into the wall of the manhole and used to climb into the manhole chamber acting as a ladder. These are required in order for the manhole to comply to certain standards.

Galvanised Steel Air Vents

We supply a range of galvanised steel air vents, which are a crucial component that allows the proper flow of air through a manhole. Air vents release gas build up and assist in reducing corrosion. We supply a variety of sizes and can make them in stainless steel too.

Galvanised Washout Screens

Washout screens are used in scour chambers to allow water to drain away when the line is being cleaned. This aspect of manholes need not be overlooked as we supply exactly what you need.

Manhole Locking Bars

Locking bars are put in place to prevent manhole covers from being removed. Ductile and cast iron manhole covers are often removed for their scrap value. To protect against this, we have developed a steel locking bar, which is cast into the manhole slab and secures the manhole in place. This also enhances the safety and security aspect of the manhole.

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