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Fibre & Rubber Gaskets

Manholes and Jointing Material

Fibre & Rubber Gaskets

Where water supply networks and piping systems are concerned, a gasket is a sealing material that is placed between connecting flanges. They will maintain the leak-proof sealing in all operating conditions, with different types of gaskets available to achieve the seals. They seal irregularities of the face of the flange preventing leakage from the flange joint.

Choosing a Gasket For Your Piping Network

Gaskets are selected for piping systems based on a variety of parameters that can vary from one gasket to the next:

  • Temperature: Gaskets need to withstand different temperatures that fluctuate in the fluid they handle

  • Pressure: Gasket material must be able to withstand different pressures in the fluid

  • Corrosion resistance: Gaskets should be made from material that does not corrode when it comes into contact with the fluid it handles or the environment

  • Types of fluid: Gasket material should be capable of dealing with different types of fluids if installed in pipes that handle different fluids

  • Robustness: The gasket must be capable of withstanding movement that may occur

  • Availability: Gaskets need to be readily available

  • Cost-effective: Gaskets should be affordable

We can help you make an appropriate gasket selection based on the requirements of your piping system or water supply network.

What do Gaskets Prevent?

These sealers are important in preventing leaks from flange joints. A leak creates a loss of energy, pressure and water (or product). This would be hazardous in a toxic fluid or waste management environment.

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