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Ductile Manhole Covers & Frames

Manholes and Jointing Material

Ductile Manhole Covers & Frames

Every underground chamber needs to have a manhole cover and frame. This is as per SABS standards. We supply both in a variety of sizes, as well as in two different types of material: choose from ductile iron or polymer concrete manhole covers and frames. Ductile iron is particularly strong, which makes it a good choice for manhole covers and frames. Manhole covers are required to handle excessive loads in terms of weight and traffic, which makes it imperative that they are durable and strong.

Advantages of Use

There are many benefits to choosing ductile iron for your manhole covers and frames. They include:

  • They are extremely strong

  • They are visually appealing

  • They can handle extremes in traffic and load, suitable for heavy traffic at high speed

  • Minimal risk or failure due to being high strength

  • Lightweight castings can be made, which are highly cost-effective

  • They are very easy to handle

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