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VJ Flange Adaptors & Couplings


VJ Flange Adaptors & Couplings

Viking Johnson flange adaptors and couplings are the most versatile solution for pipe connection and repair in your water supply network. They are designed to accommodate plain-ended pipes with different outside diameters.

Advantages of Use

They are manufactured in accordance with a strict code of quality management, which ensures that they match and exceed all industry standards for water supply networks, these couplings and adaptors are extremely versatile, which is their primary selling point, but they have a number of other benefits:

  • They are highly adaptable to any water supply network or system

  • They are an economical solution

  • They are easy to install

  • Using these couplings and adaptors reduces the need for time-consuming and expensive repairs

  • They are pre-assembled, which saves time and makes them easy to install

  • They have ribbed gaskets, which provide maximum sealing pressure

  • They are suitable for use even with corroded, scored or pitted pipe surfaces

  • The range is extensive


Viking Johnson flange adaptors and couplings can also connect to a wide variety of materials, which is where their versatility comes into play. Some examples include:

  • Steel water pipes

  • Ductile iron water pipes

  • PVC water pipes

  • HDPE water pipes

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