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Repair Couplings


Repair Couplings

PVC Pipeline Services stock repair clamps for your piping network needs. The two repair clamps that you can choose from include: stainless steel repair clamps and permanent pressure repair clamps.

Advantages of Use

Stainless steel repair clamps are available in various lengths, from 15mm up to 1200mm wide, constructed from 100% stainless steel and are suitable for virtually any pipe material. Stainless steel repair clamps from 40mm and upwards are supplied as full circumferential repair clamps, complete with a stainless steel armour plate vulcanized into the rubber seal at the time of moulding.

Due to their construction, they offer permanent repair for many types of piping damage, including: cracks, holes and corrosion pitting. 

Special sizes and widths can be ordered, and quick turnaround time for urgent breakdowns is available on request.

Permanent Pressure Repair Clamps

Permanent pressure repair clamps are ideal in situations where permanent repair of a pressure pipeline is required. They are manufactured from stainless steel and lined internally with rubber, making them corrosion-resistant. To use them for a permanent repair, simply open up the coupling, wrap it around the damaged pipe, and tighten the bolts. The pipe is repaired quickly, preventing costly downtime.

Permanent pressure repair clamps offer the highest pressure rating of any wrap-around pipe repair clamp or coupling. They are available from 20mm – 3000mm for virtually any pipe material.

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