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Cast Iron Fittings


Cast Iron Fittings

Cast iron fittings have been used for decades in water supply networks in Southern Africa. Even as new materials have emerged, some still prefer the cast iron options as they come with a range of benefits.

Advantages of Use

The benefits of using cast iron pipe fittings in your water supply network are as follows:

  • They are highly resistant to abrasion

  • Ideal for use with drainage materials such as sand

  • Well suited for sewage systems

  • Highly durable material

  • Almost indestructible, which enhances the lifespan of the product

  • Low maintenance required due to extensive durability

  • Don’t react with a majority of chemicals

  • Highly resistant to extremes in temperatures

  • Highly sound-proof as well as minimal vibration between fittings and pipes

  • Very easy to install

  • Cost-effective


Their resistance to abrasion means that they’re perfectly suited for drainage systems, and are often used in residential drainage and sewage systems, as well as storm water drainage systems. They are also suited for the transmission of water and gas.

Cast iron piping systems are often replaced for PVC or a more current material, however, older buildings and homes are still run using cast iron water piping systems, and they are still fully operational.

Cast iron pipes comes in a variety of sizes that match most requirements. You can also find all the fittings you’d expect, such as: pipe elbows, pipe unions, adaptors, couplings, reducers and tees. There are also a number of different sizing options available.

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