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Cast Iron Fittings

Cast iron fittings have been used for decades in water supply networks in Southern Africa. Even as new materials have emerged, some still prefer the cast iron options as they come with a range of benefits.

HDPE Compression Fittings

Our Product Range:

  • Male adaptors

  • Female adaptors

  • Couplers

  • End plugs

  • Male elbows

  • Female elbows

  • Equal elbows

  • Male tee

  • Female tee

  • Equal tee

  • 45° male elbows

  • 45° female elbows

  • 45° equal elbows

  • Female saddles

  • Compression saddles

  • PVC ball valves

  • Nylomatic non-return valves

  • Male piplet

  • Female piplet

Repair Couplings

PVC Pipeline Services stock repair clamps for your piping network needs. The two repair clamps that you can choose from include: stainless steel repair clamps and permanent pressure repair clamps.

Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless steel fittings are ideal for water supply networks due to their corrosion resistance. They are also used in situations where heat and chemical resistance is required, where cleanliness is important, and where lower maintenance costs are essential.

Steel Fittings

PVC Pipeline Services supplies a full range of steel fittings. We work directly with contractors and consultants to make sure that all specifications for specially fabricated fittings are met. We also partner with premier steel factories to then have these fittings manufactured at the highest level of quality.

VJ Flange Adaptors & Couplings

Viking Johnson flange adaptors and couplings are the most versatile solution for pipe connection and repair in your water supply network. They are designed to accommodate plain-ended pipes with different outside diameters.

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